Weaving Creativity with Strategy

Our work


Building a media brand for India’s most sophisticated audience.

Rebranded from The Indian Economist, the transition had to stand out without alienating its past. Working closely with the founders, we created the new logo, mobile app and website to reflect two key qualities - reliable and sophisticated. www.qrius.com


Empowering their mission to protect corporations against Spymail.

Their product Enterprise Privacy Shield™ solved a problem that companies were unaware of. Therefore, they wanted a website that educated clients about the existing threats of Spymail and their solution. We built a content and visual strategy that reflected their advanced product technology. www.mailcontrol.net


Supporting every phase in their Hero Company revolution.

Across their journey from a must-attend tech conference to a media platform, keeping the brand alive and in sync was key. Taking cues from the event collaterals we had created, we built the new media website that makes content consumption user-friendly. www.techweek.com